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BEYOND: The Podcast for Moms Called to Business

Feb 9, 2021

All personal change begins with truth. And as working moms building businesses and growing careers while raising kids, time is one part of life that many of us struggle with. 

If you're like many of the working moms I support in my coaching practice, time is something you wish you better about instead of feeling like there’s never enough of it, always seeming to be buried beneath a to-do list that never ends, and constantly thinking that you just "need more time" to include everything you’d like to in your days. 
At an even bigger level, your time feels out of control. And then, your life feels out of control. You'd love for that to be different. You’d love to get your time back. Since personal change begins with truth, we're talking about 3 truths about time that will set you free and what we often believe instead that creates unnecessary pain and suffering in our days. 

In addition, I announce that the doors are open to my new 4-week workshop for working moms: Get More Done in Less Time without the guilt, overwhelm and stress. Learn all about this program created to help you get your time back and feel better, for good, here.