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BEYOND: The Podcast for Moms Called to Business

Jun 1, 2021

Your thoughts matter. The quality of your thoughts creates the quality of your life. They are THAT powerful. In this episode, we're talking about high-quality thinking and how we can choose to create it on purpose. I'm teaching you one simple, easy-to-remember tool that will help you determine the quality of a single thought as you get curious and consider whether or not certain thoughts are useful to you. It's a thought filter or sorts, that will provide you greater clarity around what you're choosing to think and what that thinking is currently creating in your life. The truth is, low quality thinking can be sneaky, and it's creating unnecessary drama for us every single day. The more awareness we can create around our thinking, the more empowered we feel to make change that serves us and our lives, and allows us to feel so much better.

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