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The Beyond Happy Podcast with Becky Hoschek

Jul 27, 2021

For working moms, the idea of rest can seem like a luxury reserved for "someday". We're exhausted - physically, mentally and emotionally - but we just keep going - often in the name of making progress and getting more done. It seems necessary. Making time for rest can seem crazy in a world focused on the hustle and the busy. It might even seem lazy, like a waste of time or just a way to get even further behind. The truth is, we were created for rest just as much as we were created for all the good work we're called to do in our lives. This kind of restful, unhurried life is even modeled for us in Scripture, and although our souls crave the kind of rest and refuels us and lights us up, many of us still don't make it a daily priority. Today, we're talking about why rest matters and how you can make it an intentional part of your life.
In this episode, we discuss:
• what true rest is
• 3 truths I've learned about rest
• 10 ways to build rest in your busy week
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