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BEYOND: The Podcast for Moms Called to Business

Aug 17, 2021

What are you trying to prove? As women, moms, wives, professionals and human beings - there is something within that tells us our value, our worth, must be earned. Because of this, we work hard to try to prove ourselves worthy - often without even realizing it. Our need to prove ourselves shows up in our lives in several different ways. In this episode, we're exploring 4 ways I see this showing up in my private coaching sessions with working moms: productivity, perfectionism, people-pleasing and performance. We're walking through what drives each of these behaviors and uncovering the sneaky lie hidden behind all of them. Then, we're diving into 5 powerful truths that will allow you to let go of the need to prove so that you can be free to live beyond it.

In this episode, we talk about:

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