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BEYOND: The Podcast for Moms Called to Business

Sep 7, 2021

Do you ever fear that you're missing out on your own life? Maybe you imagine that near the end of your days, you'll look back and realize you were focused on all the wrong things. Maybe you worry that your priorities are off, you're too busy or rushed and are just going through the motions. For you, maybe it's a fear that pursuing a career or growing a business means you'll miss out on your kids' childhoods. Missing out on what matters most is a real fear - one that many working moms share with me. They just want to do the right thing. They want to live full, purpose-driven and productive lives that they are also present for. But sometimes, that feels really hard to achieve. In this episode of Beyond Happy, I'm sharing a powerful tool that uses your imagination to tap into the powerful perspective of another person - 75-year-old YOU. With 5 prompts to guide you through the exercise, you'll access this older, more experienced version of you to better understand where you are in your life right now with greater wisdom, compassion and grace.

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