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BEYOND: The Podcast for Moms Called to Business

Nov 22, 2021

Are you a goal-getter? Setting and working toward goals is a key component in creating intentional growth for ourselves both personally and professionally. Sometimes we set goals, go all in and cross the finish line with ease. Other times we lose steam, get off track, delay or procrastinate and never reach that end goal. Why? What leads us to hit some goals and give up on others? What are the secrets to becoming someone who effectively and consistently hits her goals? In this episode, I'm walking you through the 3 critical pieces required to hit your goals. If this area is a struggle for you, I guarantee that it's one of these three essential pieces that is holding you back. 
In this episode, you'll learn:
• The 3 key pieces involved in hitting a goal
• How you might not be setting actual goals (even if you think you are)
• Why following-through can feel so hard
• The most crucial element in becoming consistent at achieving your goals
We also talk about:

DESIGN YOUR YEAR - the live planning event for creating an intentional 2022.

Design Your Year is going to help you rethink what’s working well and what isn’t so that you can get clear and create MORE of what you want in your life, and less of what you don’t. Over four days, I’m going to guide you, combining both mindset and strategy as you design an intentional roadmap for 2022. This isn’t so much about new year’s resolutions as it is about what you want to DO in 2022 and who you want to become. You can join Design Your Year and focus on your personal life only, your business or career or ALL of the above. You’ll get the white space to think and dream and determine what you want to focus your time, energy and attention on most. And you don’t have to do it alone.

Design Your Year kicks off on December 6th which means before you even step into the holidays, you’ll have made the decisions and put plans in place to make 2022 your best year yet.

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