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BEYOND: The Podcast for Moms Called to Business

Dec 7, 2021

So many working moms are trying to do it all. Maybe you can relate. You’re constantly hurried - trying to take care of one thing so that you can check it off your list and get to the next. Your days feel like a blur - your mind is constantly thinking about 10 different things you need to do and you’re just treading water, trying to stay afloat. You have your work and your family, a full calendar of commitments and activities, a home to take care of, goals you’re working toward, new things you’d like to do and try like recipes and that new class at the gym, and of course - all the laundry. Because that never ends. Your reality is that you’re doing a LOT of things - and most of the time, it feels like you aren’t doing any of them particularly well. You're stretched so thin and it's become "just the way things are". In this episode, we're talking about the difference between doing it all and doing it well. Understanding this matters when you want to create a life where you feel more peace and presence, less stress and overwhelm.

In this episode, you'll learn:
• 5 reasons why we try to do it all
• What life feels like when you're doing it all
• What life feels like when you're doing it well
•  3 truths that will help you break up with a life of busy and hurry and exchange doing it all with doing what matters most.

We also talk about:
• Scheduling your free Before + After call with me if you're ready to take what you're learning on the podcast to the next level.
Take the next step toward getting your life back and feeling better for good by scheduling your free Before + After call with me. You’ll tell me where you’re at right now, what’s working well and what isn’t, and I’ll offer clarity on what’s keeping you stuck.  

Together, we’ll figure out your next right step – maybe that’s working with me, and maybe it isn’t. But either way, I’ll help you make the best decision for you.

Are you ready? Schedule your free Before + After call.