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The Beyond Happy Podcast with Becky Hoschek

Feb 22, 2022

What change are you being called to make in your life or business that you're actively resisting or avoiding? If we're honest, we have a "hard thing" standing between where we are right now and where we want to be. We're so afraid of doing the uncomfortable, hard thing that we settle - we settle for the comfort of where we are. This is true even if we know that where we are isn't great, isn't healthy or valuable to us.

This episode is a dose of encouragement to your hard thing. On this episode you'll:
• Diagnose what "hard thing" is holding you back
• Learn why change (even good change!) feels so uncomfortable
• Discover the hardest part of making change (and what to do about it)
• Understand the discomfort of change and the discomfort of staying where you are
• Learn the only way you can get to the place you want to be
I pray this episode is a blessing to you as you consider what life would be like on the other side of your hard thing. 
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