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BEYOND: The Podcast for Moms Called to Business

Aug 2, 2022

In lives that can feel stressful, rushed and overwhelming, our focus as moms and business owners is often on what needs our attention RIGHT NOW. Our days can feel like marathon fire-fighting mixed with an endless game of whack-a-mole, an exhausting attempt to try to stay ahead of what's coming next. 
When our mission is just to make it through the day, when it feels like we're living on autopilot or stuck in survival mode, our minds will move "non-urgent" items to the backburner. The problem is that sometimes, this means that really important things in our lives fall to the bottom of the list, time and time again. In this episode, we're addressing two of these things that we likely aren't giving the space and attention they need: our dreams, and our problems. 
On this episode, you'll learn:
• Why we avoid or run from the things we're called to pursue, both personally and professionally
• "Divine breadcrumbs" and the purpose of dreams
• The hidden cost of ignoring what isn't working or going well
• What speaking your dreams and problems out loud allows you to do
• How to discover a problem that might be hovering below the surface
• Why saying it out loud is scary (and the first step to making change)
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