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BEYOND: The Podcast for Moms Called to Business

Sep 13, 2022

Are you afraid of what the success of your business could mean for your life? We talk a lot about the fear of failure, but for ambitious moms who want to be present and actively involved in the lives of their kids and family, fear of success can create the most significant doubts and hold us back when it comes to committing and taking action toward our entrepreneurial goals.
When we feel called to create a business that uses our gifts and talents to serve others, one that allows us to be challenged, to be creative, to grow personally and contribute to the finances of our family, why would we fear success
On this episode, you'll learn:
• How common this fear is for moms in business (you're not alone)
• Why we fear the possible success of our business even more than failure
• How self-sabotage comes from fear of failure and success
• What our fears of success are often rooted in
• 4 ways to overcome the fear of success so that you can move beyond it
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