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BEYOND: The Podcast for Moms Called to Business

Nov 15, 2022

Acceptance of what is – it's one of the hardest, most valuable abilities to cultivate in both life and business. 
So many of us live our lives resisting the reality of our lives. We argue that our circumstances shouldn't be what they are and believe that if only they were different, our lives would be so much better.
We believe that our childhoods and pasts should be different.
That our choices should've been different.
That our current life should be different.
That people should be different.
That we should be different.
The problem is that arguing with reality is a battle we can't win. Not only are we unable to change the circumstances we think "should" be different, we create unnecessary emotional pain and suffering for ourselves in the process.
On this episode you'll learn:
• Why resisting circumstances comes to easily to us
• Why choosing acceptance brings real peace
• The difference between reacting and responding
• How acceptance of circumstances serves us well in both life and business
• Real-life examples of the ripple effect of acceptance
• 3 Reasons why acceptance is important for your mental, emotional and spiritual health
Learning how to accept your circumstances is a valuable mindset tool that will change the trajectory of your life and business. It's one reason your mindset is your greatest asset. To learn more about mindset, business and faith as a mom and creative entrepreneur, follow me on IG.