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BEYOND: The Podcast for Moms Called to Business

Nov 22, 2022

Micro changes, macro results.
That's how I think about habits. They don't have to be huge, overwhelming and time-consuming in order to be life-changing. Often, the little things, done consistently, are the big things. This is because they build on each other – they compound.
Today we’re talking about life-changing habits. These are powerful rituals that either I have in place in my own life as a mom and entrepreneur, ones that have been really helpful and effective for my clients, or a combination of both. I named this episode 5 Habits that can fix 80% of your problems because I’ve found that these 5 have a compound effect – meaning, the benefit they bring to your days and to your life is so much greater than the time and energy they take to implement.
On this episode, you'll learn about these powerful habits:
• Create non-negotiable morning anchors
• Get enough rest
• Plan out your day ahead of time
• Do the thing you want to do LEAST today, FIRST
• Surround yourself with people who help encourage and grow you
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