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BEYOND: The Podcast for Moms Called to Business

Dec 6, 2022

Some entrepreneurs wonder, "Do I need a mindset coach, or a coach to help me with strategy?" My answer is this: mindset IS a strategy.
When it comes to motherhood and business, I believe mindset is your most valuable asset... it's just that most of us don't know how to leverage it well, and often, we can't see what we can't see. We can't see how we're holding ourselves back by getting in our own way. Often, we need outside perspective to shine a light on what we can't see. 
Mindset is our most valuable asset because it influences every area of our life and our business. There is a ripple effect; the work we invest in within ourselves ripples out into our marriages, our parenting, our businesses and relationships. 
On this episode, you'll learn:
• How mindset IS a strategy
• How God uses motherhood and business to grow us as people
• Why mindset is so much more valuable than any plan, method or course we could buy
• What is standing between you and your goals
• The role of story in our mindset and our everyday lives
Is investing in your mindset one of your strategic goals for 2023? Connect with Becky on a Next Step Call to learn more and get your questions answered.