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BEYOND: The Podcast for Moms Called to Business

Feb 21, 2023

This is the first episode in BEYOND: The Breakthrough Series – a collection of episodes that will focus on pivotal areas of our growth as moms and entrepreneurs.
In this series, I'm drawing from my own experience as well as what I've seen and learned in my work with private coaching clients. 
Change is a process. I'm breaking down what this process looks like in terms of breakdowns (tipping points) and breakthroughs (moments that change us). We're exploring the relationship between the two and how they lead to lasting, meaningful change in our lives. This applies to health changes, relationship changes, mindset changes, shifts in confidence and behavior, how we show up for different parts of our lives, including our businesses.
Have you ever wondered:
• Why do we see something we need to change, and sometimes we address it immediately, while other times we avoid dealing with something for a really long time? 

• Why do we allow certain things in our lives to continue as is EVEN WHEN we know it’s not ideal, maybe even when it’s causing us emotional, mental and physical pain and suffering that we know we could do something about?

• And how does that change happen - that transformation, that breakthrough?
That's what we're breaking down in this episode.
Are you ready to make 2023 a different kind of year? Let's make it happen. Working together, you'll get mindset support, weekly accountability plus business and marketing strategy – everything you need to get out of your way and make it happen. Let's grow.

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