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BEYOND: The Podcast for Moms Called to Business

Aug 15, 2023

"Don't worry, be happy." If only it were that easy, right?


Having a positive outlook on life is valuable when it comes to your mental and emotional well-being. The problem? 


Life isn't always positive. There are difficult times. There are legitimate problems that can't be overlooked or brushed off with a positive thought. There are times when we are going to want to feel upset, disheartened and angry by the circumstances of life. 


In a world that chants the sentiment of "good vibes only" and "be happy" thoughts, it's easy to think there's something wrong with us if we don't feel this way. But there's a difference between thinking on purpose, and choosing thoughts that are helpful and valuable to us, and simply believing you just need to think positive about anything and everything.

On this episode of Beyond, you'll learn:

• Why thinking positive doesn't (always) work

• How positive thinking can make you feel miserable

• What you're really trying to accomplish with "positive thinking" and what's even better

• The difference between thinking positive and thinking on purpose

• 4 ways positive thinking can actually make you feel worse

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