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BEYOND: The Podcast for Moms Called to Business

Oct 3, 2023

Why have I built my business as a coach by focusing on serving clients 1:1? It's a smart and simple way to build a business for both creatives and coaches, and it's highly underrated.
Spend a little time in the online business world and you'll quickly see the PUSH to grow and scale through the creation of courses, group programs, memberships and more. And it's not that these are never valid options for growing a business – sometimes, they can be. But personal and high-touch work of 1:1 can be seen as a "starting point" or stepping stone, when in reality, a focus on individual client work and services can be THE answer to a highly profitable business that supports flexibility and quality of life – values especially important to the moms called to business whom I serve.
On this episode, I'm sharing why I LOVE the 1:1 business model for creative entrepreneurs and coaches:

• The 1:1 business model is clean and simple.

• It supports a spacious and flexible calendar.
• You really get to know your clients and build relationships with them.
• I don't see 1:1 services EVER going out of demand
You might be asking, "But what about scaling a 1:1 business? You can't do that." We're talking about what a 1:1 business model looks like at $100k and beyond.
If you want to continue the conversation beyond the podcast, if you are ready for the combination of life support and business strategy you need in navigating the highs and lows as a mom and entrepreneur, I want to invite you to apply for 1:1 coaching. Working with me privately is kind of like having a business therapist, marketing strategist and personal trainer for your brain all-in-one. Apply for 1:1 coaching today by visiting