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BEYOND: The Podcast for Moms Called to Business

Nov 21, 2023

Is it just me, or did Black Friday show up early and turn into an entire month this year?

The holidays are upon us. Whether it's special promotions and end-of-year sales and goals, or thinking about the parts of the Christmas season you dread, the drama is real. 
So real, in fact, that it's the difference between a miserable November and December and the kind that you actually enjoy. It's all a matter of learning to handle the holiday drama in healthy ways so that you can end 2023 with less stress and overwhelm, more peace and presence.
On this episode of BEYOND, we're diving into four types of "llama llama" holiday drama:
• business drama
• family drama
• financial drama
• mind drama
You'll learn:
• Why it's okay to slow down and do things differently this season than you ever have before
• How you're not really going to miss out (even when it feels like it)
• The importance of deciding how much you want to work, and how much you don't, at this time of year
• How to be aware if you're making too many business and marketing decisions based off of what you're seeing everyone else do
• The most valuable questions you can ask as you reflect on the past year
• What actually happens when you try to avoid conflict or disappointment with family members
• How you don't have to go places or say yes to things just because that's the way it's always been in the past
• My thoughts about finances, gift-giving and considering what to invest in in the new year
• Navigating "peopling", overstimulation and exhaustion when it feels like too much
• How your thoughts about the holidays will become your reality (and what you can do about it)
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