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BEYOND: The Podcast for Moms Called to Business

Dec 5, 2023

It’s easy to compartmentalize our faith and our work – even when we feel called to the businesses we’re entrusted to steward and grow.


But what happens when you actively integrate your faith into the meaningful work you’re called to?


My guest on this episode of BEYOND, Steve Carter, believes it gives you an unfair advantage. 


Steve was a recent guest pastor at my own church, and the message he shared several weeks ago was so compelling, so convicting, that I knew while listening that Sunday morning that I was supposed to invite him to explore this topic with us as a guest here on the show. And I’m so grateful that he said yes.


Steve Carter is a pastor, speaker, author, podcast host, sports enthusiast, and the former lead teaching pastor of Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago. Steve is a gifted communicator and storyteller and one of my favorite parts about this conversation is to simplify what can often feel like a complex topic – what it looks like to access your faith to the extent that it truly becomes active in every part of your life – every role, every relationship, everything you do – and why, as mothers and wives and business owners, that gives us an unfair advantage.


Steve Carter is a pastor, speaker, author, podcast host, sports enthusiast, and the former lead teaching pastor of Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago.


On this episode of BEYOND, you’ll learn:


  • How a major in film led Steve to a career in storytelling and ministry

  • Why we can easily separate our faith from the work we’re called to – and how we can get lost in the process

  • The importance of trusting what others see in you beyond what you might believe about yourself when it comes to your gifts

  • How trust in God can build safety and consistency into our businesses

  • How the trap of a never-ending to-do list can easily lead our faith to become “another box to check off”

  • What it looks like to stop “white-knuckling” your life and business 

  • What shifts when you see your business not as YOURS, but as God’s business that He has entrusted to you

  • What it looks like to access and integrate the Holy Spirit into the work of motherhood and beyond

  • How our longing for speed and efficiency has put us at odds with the Holy Spirit (and leads us to feel disconnected and unfulfilled)

  • Why your faith is your superpower in a culture that says to work harder, try harder and do more

  • The 5 different directions God leads us to help us grow

  • The connection between our health, our peace and being willing to admit how much we don’t know 


Important links for this episode:

Visit Steve Carter’s website

Connect with Steve on IG

Listen to Steve’s Podcast: Craft and Character

Steve’s book: The Thing Beneath the Thing

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