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BEYOND: The Podcast for Moms Called to Business

Jan 16, 2024

Story has become a bit of a buzzword in online marketing and business in the last few years, and there’s a reason for that. 
Stories are powerful. 
We learn and communicate through narratives. We FEEL things through the power of a good story, right – it’s why we want to watch the movie that we know is going to make us sad or scared or laugh out loud – stories, whether books or movies, a piece of well-written copy or a heart-to-heart conversation with a friend evokes real, meaningful feelings. As humans, stories resonate with us because they connect us in the most personal and intimate way – the kind of understanding that can only come through emotion.

Through my own experience as an entrepreneur and as a coach for other moms called to business, I've seen that the two most valuable ways I serve clients in both their lives and businesses have everything to do with story. The stories we tell ourselves (mindset) and the stories we tell our people (through our messaging). What the two have in common is psychology… human behavior, understanding what drives us, what shapes and influences our thinking and emotions. 
I’ve found that the more I learn about ME, the more I work on better understanding myself through thought work and mindset and personal growth and learning, the better I understand YOU – and that matters not only in the ways I can help guide you as a coach, but also how you begin to change how you think about yourself, your business, your family and all of the other humans in your life – including the people you serve in your business. 
STORIES are powerful and as moms and wives, creatives and entrepreneurs, I truly believe our stories are our greatest asset when it comes to prioritizing peace and profit in our lives and businesses.

So let’s talk about the two most valuable stories you can prioritize when it comes to your quality of life, your peace, your mental and emotional health, AND your finances… the wealth and profit you want to create through the business you’ve been called to. Because as I’ve connected the dots over the years, your peace, and your profit, have EVERYTHING TO DO with the stories you tell.
On this episode of BEYOND, you'll learn:

• The two types of problems business owners need to know how to manage
• Why most coaching fails to address both, and instead focuses on one or the other
• Why it's often hard to see the stories we're telling ourselves
• How our own growth and self-understanding make us more relatable to our clients
• Why understanding why you think what you think, feel what you feel and do what you do matters to both your own peace and profit
• How the messaging in your business builds trust and connects you to your dream clients
• How you can work with me in 2024 

Are you ready to make 2024 a different kind of year? Let's make it happen. I want to invite you to apply for my 6-month coaching and consulting intensive, SIMPLIFIED, where we focus on the two things that matter most when it comes to creating a profitable business on your terms: mindset and messaging. Working together, you'll get mindset support, weekly accountability plus business and marketing strategy – everything you need to build a life and business you don't want to quit.

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