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The Beyond Happy Podcast with Becky Hoschek

Jul 13, 2021

Are you waiting for "someday" to feel better? Are you placing your hope in future circumstances that look different than your current reality and believing that then, your life will be so much better/easier/happier? We unintentionally do this so often - in both big-picture ways and smaller, everyday ways - and the truth? It holds us back. It steals our ability to be present, to feel like we're really living our lives because we're so focused on where we're going, where we're headed - instead of where we are. It's why so many of us feel like we're just going through the motions each day and missing out on our own lives. I understand what it feels like to just want your life back and feel better - especially as a mom called to meaningful work beyond motherhood. You want to pursue the meaningful work you're so passionate about without sacrificing a meaningful family life. In this episode, we're unpacking what I've termed "waiting-for-someday thinking" so that you can see how this mindset might be keeping you stuck.

In this episode, we talk about:
RESET Your Year: the free, 3-Day Challenge for Working Moms
Scheduling your free Before + After Call