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BEYOND: The Podcast for Moms Called to Business

Dec 21, 2021

Do you ever stop something before you even get started? So much of the meaningful change we want to create in our lives never even makes it out of the gate. Why? Change is hard. Getting started is hard. Often, our dreams and ideas for what could be stay in our minds because dreaming about them is so much easier than doing anything about them. Today, we're talking about why - from a neuroscience perspective - getting started can feel so hard. With this understanding, you'll be better equipped to live beyond it and get started on the kinds of change that matter to you anyway.

On this episode you'll learn:
• Why getting started feels so hard
• Why you might want to quit before you even start
• How your comfort zone isn't really that comfortable
• The truths that will not only help you get started, but keep going
We also talk about:

• Scheduling your free Before + After call with me if you're ready to go all in on making 2022 a different kind of year in your life and business.
Take the next step toward getting your life back and feeling better for good by scheduling your free Before + After call with me. You’ll tell me where you’re at right now, what’s working well and what isn’t, and I’ll offer clarity on what’s keeping you stuck.  

Together, we’ll figure out your next right step – maybe that’s working with me, and maybe it isn’t. But either way, I’ll help you make the best decision for you.

Are you ready? Schedule your free Before + After call.