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The Beyond Happy Podcast with Becky Hoschek

Feb 8, 2022

As moms, our ability to steward our time well is a game-changer in life and business. How you think about your time becomes how you build your business. And how you think about your time becomes how you feel about your life. Your relationship with time matters. It's the difference between a life of hustle and hurry, busy and burnout - and peace, presence and sustainability. Moms building businesses as creative entrepreneurs and coaches struggle with stewarding their time well. They often identify a never-ending to-do list as the culprit, but there are a host of other factors at play that often fly under the radar. In this episode, I'm sharing 4 things that are stealing your time (and joy) as a mom in business.


On this episode, you'll learn:

• How what's taking all your time isn't what you think

• What you need to know about thinking "I don't know"

• What is distracting you from getting things done

• How overthinking and second-guessing are holding you back • What "mama llama mind drama" is creating in your days In this episode, we also talk about:

Beyond Happy Ep. 91: Mama Llama Mind Drama



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Inside MOMENTUM, I help you create more time in your days without sacrificing your business goals. It's the framework that creates a sustainable foundation for your life and business as a mom. 


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