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The Beyond Happy Podcast with Becky Hoschek

Feb 15, 2022

Over the last several years of working with dozens of moms building businesses on a very in-depth and personal level, I’ve seen two patterns emerge - two areas that are consistently connected to a life of busy, hurry and burnout vs. a life of peace, presence, EASE and sustainability. In this episode, I'm breaking down these two foundational pieces for you and sharing why they matter so much. Each one is simple, but it’s not easy. Each one is essential to creating the kind of long-term results and successes that my clients tend to want: more time, feeling better and having more peace, less stress and overwhelm, enjoying their lives more, and being more productive instead of just busy.

These two foundational pieces that are absolute GAME-CHANGERS for your life and business once you really commit to them are learning how to:

1. Manage Your Mind Drama
2. Steward Your Time
If you're tired of spinning your wheels and working so hard to stay exactly where you are, you need to learn about these two essentials and how learning them and living them out looks like a life with more time, more peace and more ease.
These two pieces are also the foundation of everything I teach you inside MOMENTUM, the brand new program for moms who are serious about building a life and business that won't burn you out. Moms who are ready to do things differently and get life-giving, business-changing results.
Enrollment for MOMENTUM is open now through February 18, 2022.