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BEYOND: The Podcast for Moms Called to Business

Jan 31, 2023

Sometimes when we feel a little "off" in our businesses, when we feel stuck or lost or uncertain of "what's next", it's time for a check-up. Taking a look at our heart posture as entrepreneurs and how we're operating in our businesses can begin by asking three simple questions:
1. Am I dreaming big or playing small?
2. What role does prayer play in my business?
3. Am I thinking "right now", or long-term?
These questions are pivotal because our business growth is connected to our personal and spiritual growth. These three intentions: dream big, pray hard and think long, combine to create a powerful, faith-fueled force driving our businesses.
In this episode, you'll learn:
• Why these 3 intentions are the heart of a faith-fueled business
• How you might be "playing small" and limiting your own business growth
• Why dreaming big is an important business strategy
• The difference between praying and "praying hard"
• What it looks like to "think long" in a world of instant gratification
Building a successful, sustainable business isn't just about what you do in your business. It's about how you think and who you're becoming along the way. As your coach, I don't tell you what to do – I teach you how to think. 
As a mom and believer, building a sustainable, profitable business looks like learning how to leverage your faith and your mindset. It looks like focusing on what matters most, using your gifts and your time well, and getting rid of all of the mind drama getting in your way so that you can build a life and business you don't want to quit.
More peace.
More income.
More impact.
This is available to you.
Are you ready to make 2023 a different kind of year? Let's make it happen. Working together, you'll get mindset support, weekly accountability plus business and marketing strategy – everything you need to get out of your way and make it happen. Let's grow.

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