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BEYOND: The Podcast for Moms Called to Business

Feb 7, 2023

Do you see money as a tool for opportunity, a blessing to steward, or as a source of evil, greed or otherwise "bad" things? The thoughts and beliefs you have about money matter, because they directly impact your revenue and the financial health of your business. Many entrepreneurs subconsciously believe thoughts about making money (such as, "It's greedy to want to create more income" or "I'm terrible at managing money") that sabotage their ability to reach financial goals and grow the kind of business they're called to grow. Some of these money beliefs are so ingrained in us, we don't even realize they're there.

In this episode, I want to help you explore your own money mindset and how it may be the thing that is keeping you from the success you envision as a small business owner.
On this episode, you'll learn:
• Where our money mindset originates
• What happens when we believe that money is greedy or selfish
• Myths about money
• Some real life examples of how our thoughts about money keep us from growing the businesses we’re called to create
• My own money mindset obstacles I’ve had to overcome as well as some of the common ones I see working with clients
• Why I believe more money in the hands of moms is a really GOOD thing
Building a successful, sustainable business isn't just about what you do in your business. It's about how you think and who you're becoming along the way. As your coach, I don't tell you what to do – I teach you how to think.
As a mom and believer, building a sustainable, profitable business looks like learning how to leverage your faith and your mindset. It looks like focusing on what matters most, using your gifts and your time well, and getting rid of all of the mind drama getting in your way so that you can build a life and business you don't want to quit.
More peace.
More income.
More impact.
This is available to you.
Are you ready to make 2023 a different kind of year? Let's make it happen. Working together, you'll get mindset support, weekly accountability plus business and marketing strategy – everything you need to get out of your way and make it happen. Let's grow.

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